Friday, April 1, 2011

The situation went down like this . . .

Rachel and I walked into a plus-sized female clothes store.

R:  Oh, we're in the girls' store!!!
T:  Yep, we are!
R:  I want to find something . . .
T:  This store is for grown-ups.
R:  So, when I grow up I can fit these clothes.
T: (Thinking to myself . . . Lordy, I hope you don't fit these clothes.)  Sure thing, Rach.
R:  So, what size are you anyway, Mom?
T:  I'm not saying.
R:  Well, is it like a pint-and-a-half??
T: You got it!
R: (after a pause) So, did I really guess it or are you just April Fooling me?

Then, at the checkout counter, Rachel was trying on the various rings and things and showing me what I needed to buy.

T:  We're not buying jewelry today.
Cashier:  Did you find something you like? (To Rachel)
R:  I can't help it . . . I'm attracted to beautiful things!